IVC Group
The UK's premium IVC flooring supplier

IVC vinyl flooring enhances functionality in various projects with dedicated heavy-duty, acoustic, and slip-resistant solutions that excel in look and feel.

Meticulously crafted in Europe and Expertly installed by Loughton Direct, IVC vinyl flooring offers a multi-functional response to various flooring challenges. These solutions are designed to meet the rigorous demands of commercial environments while providing an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Product Range

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

As IVC flooring suppliers, we offer an extensive range of LVT products that replicate the natural look of materials like wood and stone. These tiles are renowned for their durability and realistic designs, providing a luxurious yet practical flooring option for any space.

Sheet Vinyl

Available in various patterns and textures, it is perfect for residential and commercial applications. As leading IVC flooring suppliers, we ensure you get versatile and stylish flooring solutions to suit any interior.

Engineered Vinyl Flooring (EVP)

IVC also produces engineered vinyl flooring, which combines vinyl’s resilience with engineered flooring’s stability. This innovative product offers a robust and stable solution for various flooring needs.

Our most popular IVC Vinyl Floor tiles in the range

  • Supply


    We are proud to collaborate with IVC flooring, ensuring we provide only the highest quality flooring options at competitive prices.

  • Install


    Focusing on quality and precision, we deliver seamless IVC flooring installations for businesses looking for professional and durable flooring.

  • Maintain


    Provide ongoing maintenance services for IVC flooring products, ensuring lasting elegance and comfort in your business interiors.

Industry Applications

IVC flooring products are designed to endure the demands of commercial environments, including offices, retail stores, hotels, and healthcare facilities. Our installations guarantee functionality and aesthetic appeal, meeting the high standards required in these settings.

Crafted to meet the stringent hygiene and durability requirements of healthcare establishments. These products provide a safe, easy-to-maintain environment that supports the well-being of both patients and staff.