NHow Hotel
Timber Floor Restoration
  • Contractor End User
  • Size 120m2
  • Products Timber Flooring

The Brief

The new NHow Hotel, opened it’s doors in 2021, as one of London’s newest boutique hotels. Unfortunately the end-grain Oak flooring installed to the event space was heavily trafficked and poorly maintained, resulting in a dry, scratched and damaged floor. Our specialist timber restoration team was called in to revive the timber flooring.

When originally installed this end-grain Oak engineered timber had a factory applied surface finish. Unfortunately due to the use of the incorrect cleaning products and a failure to adopt a periodical maintenance regime the floors surface deteriorated. The floor had visible scratches and dents, and the surface lacked lustre and protection. A combination of high foot traffic, moisture from spillages/cleaning and furniture being dragged across the surface, resulted in the timber flooring becoming a real eyesore. Areas also started to lift and become a trip hazard as moisture ingress caused the wood to expand.


Areas where flooring had started to lift, were removed by our team and replaced with new matching timber. The entire floor surface was then sanded using our dust free system, to remove any remaining finish, back to bare timber. This process also ensured that any surface scratches were sanded out leaving a perfect surface ready for the application of a new finish.

As you can see below the revived floor finish has a much healthier looking appearance, with the timber having a natural lustre and sheen. Re-sanding this floor was much more economical than replacing it, and this is one of the major benefits of using timber flooring in commercial settings.


Find Out More

If the correct cleaning regime is followed and periodic maintenance coats are applied to the floors surface, timber flooring can offer an attractive and extremely durable solution in a number of different settings.


If you have an existing timber floor and would like some advice on how to clean and maintain it, please do not hesitate to get in touch and one of our team will assist. We will also be happy to propose an ongoing maintenance programme to ensure your floors stay looking great to a long time to come.